Baub Play at Dog Days - Lake of the OzarksBaub Eis

Baub started playing music when he was six.


Baub graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1992. Having traveled all through the mid-west playing with different bands he finally settled into the Lake of the Ozarks in the Winter of 1993. Ever since then he has fallen in love with the Ozarkian lake and the grandiose hills that make for great mountain biking, one of his habits.


Baub owns Eis Computer Service a Web Development, Content Management, Computer Networking company, which he started in 1997.


Having grown up around jewelry manufacturing, he had a lust to create things. He worked with S & L Custom guitars for a year and a half helping them setup and configure their CNC guitar building operation. Robert Eis, Jr., had been living in Arizona for the previous 12 years. He moved back closer to the region. This lead to the 2011 creation of Eis Guitars, Inc. Combining Robert's years of wood working, finishing, and jewelry creation with Baub's computer skills, and expertise in guitar.

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Robert Eis: 928-821-1703
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Baub Eis: 573-216-2223
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