Eis Guitars at Willows

Welcome to Eis Guitars!

We are a father and son team devoted to creating awesome one of a kind guitars. We are an American guitar company devoted to creating and promoting American designs, parts and fabrication.


We specialize in computerized CNC wood, jewelry, wax and plastic fabrication. We also have an extensive repertoire of electronics and metal fabrication.


We come from a long line of creating things from scratch. Our sister company Davies Jewelry, produces Officially Licensed Grateful Dead Jewelry along with other great one of a kind jewelry pieces.


Let us help you design your dream guitar. We can provide a 3D representation before we ever start cutting for your approval. Get the guitar that you want! We have a large catalog of images that we can cut into your guitar, or let us create a one of a kind original artwork. We can also cut your band name into your guitar, or we can go more low key and cut a custom pick guard with your signature or band name on it.



Contact Information:

Robert Eis: 928-821-1703
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Baub Eis: 573-216-2223
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